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Appendix B: Glossary
cell A box on a spreadsheet or a table, into which you can enter information.
click To ‘click something’, you place your mouse pointer over it on screen and
then press the left button on your mouse. You should always click with the
left mouse button unless told to right-click.
clip art Illustrations and photographs included in Offi ce, which you can embed
into your documents.
clipboard Used for temporarily storing text, pictures or other content that you
have copied or cut. See cut, copy and paste.
close If you close a fi le, you stop using it. You can reopen it if you want to read
it, edit it or print it.
column In a spreadsheet or table, the columns go up and down the screen.
column divider In a spreadsheet, this is the thin line between the column
headings. You can click and drag this to change the width of a column.
conditional content Content that is only used if certain conditions are satisfi ed.
In a mail merge letter, for example, this might be a section reminding
members to pay their subscription fee that is only added if the recipient hasn’t
paid yet.
Control key Marked CTRL, the Control key is used in combination with other
keys to perform special functions. By holding down the Control key and
tapping the V key, for example, text can be pasted from the clipboard.
copy Makes a copy of selected content and puts it onto the clipboard. Accessed
by the two-documents icon on the Home ribbon or CTRL+C. Use Paste
(CTRL+V) to put content from the clipboard into a document.
CTRL See Control key.
cursor This shows you where you are working in a document and where new
content will be added. When entering text, your text cursor is a fl ashing
vertical line. In Excel, your cursor is a thick outline on a cell, which shows you
which cell you are editing or formatting.
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