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Appendix B: Glossary
icon A small picture that is used to identify an action, fi le or program. The Cut
icon is a picture of a pair of scissors, for example.
interface All the controls for a program make up its interface.
Internet A network that connects computers so that they can exchange
information, including emails and webpages.
justifi ed text Text that has straight edges at both the right and left margins, with
the words spaced evenly between them. Most of the text in this topic is
justifi ed.
landscape A landscape paper orientation uses the paper so it is wider than it is
tall, like a landscape painting.
mail merge A feature in Word that enables you to create a batch of Word
documents, with each one automatically customised using information from a
margin Blank space at the edge of a document where nothing will be printed.
menu A set of options you can choose from in a program.
memory See save.
mouse pointer This pointer is moved by using the mouse. It is usually a
diagonal arrow (pointing from bottom right to top left). It is used to point at things
you want to use (such as buttons) or select (such as words). To use a button
you are pointing at, you click it. The shape of the pointer may vary
depending on what is underneath it on the screen.
navigation pane On the left of the screen in Word and PowerPoint, this helps
you to quickly move around your document.
notebook In OneNote, a notebook collects together all related information in
one place.
Offi ce button In Microsoft Offi ce 2007, the Offi ce button is the round button
in the top left corner. It provides access to the functions used for saving,
opening, closing, printing and sharing documents.
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