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Chapter 1: Writing a letter with Microsoft Word
Writing a letter with
Microsoft Word
Equipment needed: Computer (desktop or laptop) running
Microsoft Word 2010 or Microsoft Word 2007 (see Introduction).
Skills needed: Ability to use a computer keyboard and mouse (or
People love to receive letters. Not bills or bank statements, but genuine
correspondence from friends and family. In this chapter, I’ll show you how you can use
Microsoft Word to write a personal letter that will delight one of your friends. It’s
up to you who you send it to.
Although this is a simple project, it’s a great illustration of the power of word
processing. Unlike a typewritten or handwritten letter, you can easily change your
mind about what you want to say, how you want to say it and how you want your
letter to look. You can insert new words, sentences or paragraphs and get rid of
any that you’re not so keen on when you reread the letter.
You can also add some polish, with Word’s sophisticated presentation functions.
In this chapter, we’ll explore how you can modify the text style and alignment, but
the next two chapters in Part I will build on these skills to show how you can
create professional looking publications.
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