Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Appendix B: Glossary
Offi ce 2010 and Offi ce 2007 A suite of applications that includes Word, Excel,
PowerPoint and OneNote in the Home and Student edition. The version
number 2010 or 2007 refers to the year of release.
OneNote An application in the Microsoft Offi ce suite used for organising
open Before you can read, edit or print a fi le, you must open it. That puts it into
the computer’s memory so that the application (such as Word) can use it.
Outlook An email program only available in the more expensive versions of the
Microsoft Offi ce suite.
page In OneNote, a page is a single entry in a notebook. Despite its name, it
can span many printed pages. In Word, a page is the same size as a sheet of
password In the same way as a key protects a building, a password protects
your information and stops others from gaining access without your
permission. Since only you should know your password, providing it proves that
you are who you claim to be and are authorised to access the information
requested. Your passwords should be hard for others to guess and easy for
you to remember.
paste Adds content from the clipboard into the document. Accessed using the
clipboard icon on the Home ribbon or CTRL+V. The content remains on the
clipboard too, so you can paste it into multiple different places.
PC Short for personal computer.
point The size of your text is measured in points. For example, normal text is
usually about 12 point (12 pt).
portrait A portrait paper orientation uses the paper so it is taller than it is wide,
like a portrait photograph or a typical letter.
PowerPoint An application in the Microsoft Offi ce suite used for creating and
displaying slide shows.
presentation In PowerPoint, a sequence of slides.
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