Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Appendix B: Glossary
print area In Excel, this defi nes which cells you would like to print.
printer A device for printing information from your computer onto paper.
program See application.
pulldown menu A menu that unrolls and presents its options to you when you
click on its title or icon. Pulldown menus keep the screen tidy by hiding
options until you need them.
radio button Round buttons that are used to select one of a number of options.
If you click one radio button in a group, it will deselect the previous radio
button you selected (if any). You might have radio buttons to select a yes/no
answer, for example. If you click the Yes radio button, the No radio button
will be deselected automatically, and vice versa.
recipients In a mail merge, ‘recipients’ means the spreadsheet information you
will use to customise your Word documents. It doesn’t necessarily relate to
people. In email, recipients are the people who receive a particular email.
record In a mail merge, a record refers to a set of data about the same person
or thing. It’s equivalent to a row on a spreadsheet. A record might belong to
‘Fred Jones’.
reference In Excel, a cell reference is its location on the spreadsheet. It’s like a
grid reference. The top left cell is A1.
ribbon The tabbed control panel across the top of the screen in Microsoft Offi ce
2010 and 2007. For example, you click the Insert tab to bring the Insert
ribbon to the front, which shows all the controls for inserting things. (There is
no ribbon in OneNote 2007.)
right-click To ‘right-click something’, you place your mouse pointer over it on
the screen and then press the right button on your mouse. This action usually
opens an alternative menu.
row In a spreadsheet or table, the rows of cells go across the screen
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