Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Appendix B: Glossary
web browser A program that enables you to view and navigate between
websites on the Internet. A common web browser is Internet Explorer.
webpage A page downloaded from the Internet, which can include text,
pictures, videos, music, forms, animations and interactive features (such as
games). The whole of a webpage might not fi t on screen at once, so you
might need to scroll through it to see all of it.
website A group of linked webpages that are operated by the same person or
organisation, and are about the same thing. Most organisations have a single
website that hosts all their public-facing activities on the Internet. Anybody
is allowed to create a website.
window A box on the screen that contains a program or just part of a program
(such as printer options). You can usually close a window by clicking the X
in the top-right corner.
Windows Microsoft Windows (aka Windows) is what you see when you switch
on most PCs: it provides the controls you need to manage your fi les and
Word An application in the Microsoft Offi ce suite used to write and lay out
documents, including letters, newsletters and posters.
word processing The way written documents are created using a computer,
including the ability to make changes to the text content and presentation.
worksheet Another word for a spreadsheet.
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