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Starting Word
Starting Word
There are several ways to start the Word program, depending on which version of
Windows you are using and how your software has been set up.
First, you need to fi nd the Start button. This isn’t the button that you use to switch
on your computer or the one on your keyboard. It’s on the screen, in the bottom
left corner. In older versions of Windows, the button is coloured green and says
‘Start’ on it, but in Windows Vista and Windows 7, the button is round and has a
Windows icon on it.
Place your mouse pointer over the Start button and click it (by pressing the left
mouse button). This will open a ‘menu’ of programs. Look to see if Word is among
them, and if it is then simply position your mouse pointer over that item in the list
and then click it (press the left mouse button).
If you can’t see Word on the menu, you need to position your cursor on All
Programs at the bottom of the menu, and then click it. A menu of all the programs on
your computer will open. Find the folder for Microsoft Offi ce (you might need to
use the scrollbar if you are using Windows 7 or Vista). When you click the folder,
it will open so you can see the Word entry. Click on that, and Word will start
loading. It sounds complicated, but it only takes about four seconds once you know
how to do it.
If you’re nifty with a keyboard and are using Windows Vista or Windows 7,
there’s a quicker way. Find the Start key on your keyboard (see Figure 0.1 in
Introduction); it is usually on the bottom row and has the same picture of the
Windows ‘fl ag’ as the onscreen Start button. Press the Start key, type ‘Word’
and then press Enter, and you should see Word fi re up.
These are just a couple of many ways you can start Word. You might have a Word
icon on your desktop that you can double-click, for example, or you might have
Word pinned to your taskbar in Windows 7. Feel free to experiment to fi nd the
quickest way to start Word on your PC. The above approach will work for
everyone, but it won’t necessarily be the quickest way to do it.
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