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Saving your work
In Offi ce 2007, there is a round Offi ce button in the top left corner of the screen,
as shown in Figure 1.2.
Office button
Home tab
Figure 1.2
This is where all the fi le management and printing functions are kept, and Save is
one of the options.
Whichever version of Word you are using, the process is the same after this. When
you click the Save button, you see a fi le browser, like the one in Figure 1.3.
In Figure 1.3, I’ve clicked in the bottom right of the window and dragged it to
make it bigger, so you can more clearly see what’s going on in the screenshot. I
recommend you save your work in your Documents folder. Click Documents in
the left pane and fi nd a suitable folder in which to store your work on the right. If
you have lots of folders, you might need to use the scrollbar. If you can’t fi nd a
suitable folder, you can create a new one. Put your mouse pointer in the right
pane and right-click it (press the right mouse button). The right-click menu opens,
shown in Figure 1.3, from which you can select New and then select Folder. The
new folder will appear in the right-hand pane, and you can type in its name and
press the Enter key.
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