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Making changes to what you’ve written
To get used to the basics, I suggest you focus on the body of your letter for now.
I’ll show you how to add your address on the right later. If you’re short on ideas
for what to say, think about what you did at the weekend, what you’re reading at
the moment, what the family is up to and where you’re going on holiday. You
could cheat and just type a load of mumbo jumbo (I won’t know about it!) but
since I’m going to show you how to print your letter it would be nice if you had
something to post at the end of this project.
If you struggle to read the text on screen, you can enlarge your view of the page.
This won’t affect the size of the text when it’s printed out, it will just magnify it on
the screen. To do this, click on the plus sign in the bottom right corner to zoom in
(shown in Figure 1.4). You can click the minus to zoom out again.
Zoom out
Zoom in
Figure 1.4
If you are struggling to do something and this topic can’t help, why not try
searching Word’s built in help function? You’ll fi nd a question mark in a
circle in the top right corner: click this or tap the F1 key to get started.
Making changes to what you’ve written
Oh no! I didn’t mean to type that! What now?
There’s an old joke about computers providing countless new opportunities… to
make mistakes. But the best thing about computers is that they make them so easy
to fi x. If you’ve got the correcting fl uid poised over the monitor, back away now!
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