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Deleting text
or always using the keyboard. By experimenting with your letter to see how easy
you fi nd the different techniques, you can make an informed choice.
Once you’ve positioned your cursor where you want it, you can add new text at
that point in the document. It doesn’t matter whether you want to add a sentence
or a paragraph, whatever you type will be inserted wherever your cursor is in the
document. When you want to pick up at the end again, position your cursor at the
end of your letter so you can carry on typing there.
Deleting text
Some things are better left unsaid. As well as adding new text to your document,
you will doubtless want to take things out from time to time. There are three
different ways to delete text.
1. The Backspace key is found at the top right of the main part of your keyboard,
and has a long, left-pointing arrow on it (see Figure 0.1). This is one of the
larger keys on the keyboard, refl ecting how often everybody needs to use it!
When you press it, the character to the left of the cursor is exterminated and
the cursor moves to the left. This is the key most people think of as the ‘delete
key’ because it’s used most often. But it should not be confused with…
2. …the (real) Delete key. This is often found on the numeric keypad, and will
say ‘Delete’ on it (or ‘Del’ if it’s being less formal). Sometimes there are two
delete keys (see Figure 0.1). When you press this key, the character to the right
of the cursor is deleted and the cursor stays where it is. It looks as if the cursor
is swallowing the text to its right. Remember to try tapping Num Lock if it’s not
working for you.
3. You can also select text (see later in this chapter) and continue typing over it.
The text you select will then be replaced with whatever you type next.
Moving text around
So far, we’ve made some fairly minor changes to our document, deleting some
words or sentences and adding a few others. But what if you want to completely
change the order of your content? If you’re working on longer pieces, you might
fi nd that you need to experiment with the order of the sections until you fi nd the
way they fl ow best. Word processing makes it easy to move things around.
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