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Deleting text
Don’t forget to keep saving your work. You’ll be free to experiment if you
know you’ve got a good copy stored safely. If you want to save a messed up
version, use Save As to store a different version and keep your clean version
safe. If you really mess it up and need to go back to an old saved version,
skip to the end of the chapter for advice on closing Word; after you have
closed Word without saving your messed up version, you can reopen your
clean version and pick it up from there.
Selecting text with the mouse
First of all, let’s look at how you can move a whole paragraph. Imagine your letter
is four paragraphs long, and you’ve decided that you’d like to move your second
paragraph to the end.
The fi rst step is to select the piece of text you’d like to move. This is a bit awkward,
so it might take a couple of goes to get the hang of it. First, move your mouse
pointer to the start of the paragraph. It doesn’t matter if your cursor is in the
margin, or whether it looks like an arrow or an ‘I’. As long as you are aligned with the
correct row of text, you’ll be fi ne. Then you need to click your left mouse button
and keep it held down. Move the mouse down the screen, and you’ll see your text
becomes highlighted in blue, as shown in Figure 1.5. Once you reach the end of
the paragraph and everything you need is highlighted in blue, you can let go of
the mouse button. When you let go, the text will stay selected.
Be careful not to type anything now, otherwise it will replace the text you’ve
selected. If you do brush the keyboard, refer to the section on reversing mistakes
later in this chapter.
Selecting text with mouse clicks
If you fi nd that moving the mouse around is, well, moving you to tears, there are
shortcuts you can use to select text. As you know, when you move your mouse
pointer over a word and press the left mouse button, your cursor moves to that
place in the word. But if you click multiple times or in different ways, you can get
different results, as shown in Table 1.2.
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