Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Deleting text
The fi rst set of controls you should explore is the clipboard. You’ll fi nd this on the
left-hand side, as shown in Figure 1.7.
Format painter
Open advanced clipboard sidebar
Figure 1.7
If you can’t see the clipboard on the left of the ribbon, click the Home tab next
to the File tab (in Offi ce 2010) or near to the Offi ce button (in Offi ce 2007).
You should fi nd that the clipboard controls are now shown on the left.
The clipboard is used for temporarily storing something. Have you ever read a
phone number and then concentrated on remembering it until you can write it
down? The clipboard works a bit like that. You can put text on your clipboard, and
the computer will ‘remember’ it for you until you’ve found somewhere else to put
it. This is done using a process called ‘cut and paste’, and it’s another way you can
move text around. It’s particularly useful if you want to move text a long way, and
is often used to move text between different documents or even different
To cut and paste text, you do the following:
1. Select the text you want to cut, using either the mouse or keyboard.
2. Click the scissors icon on the ribbon by putting your mouse icon over it and
pressing the left mouse button. The text will be cut out of your document.
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