Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Deleting text
3. Move your cursor to where you would like your text to go.
4. Click the Paste icon on the ribbon. The text on the clipboard will be added
back in to your document where your cursor is.
You can paste the same text as many times as you want. You can also leave the
original text in place by fi rst clicking the copy icon, the one that shows two pages
instead of the scissors icon (see Figure 1.7). That will put a copy of the text onto
the clipboard without removing it from your document.
When you paste, Word will usually insert the last thing you put on the clipboard.
For simplicity’s sake, it’s a good idea to work with only one thing on the clipboard
at a time, and not to leave things there for too long.
When you cut a piece of text, be very careful to paste it as soon as possible, don’t
forget it’s on the clipboard and don’t cut anything else before you paste; if you do
that, you’ll lose the fi rst piece of text you cut. (You wouldn’t be the fi rst!)
If you are doing something more complex, you can keep a lot of different text
snippets on the clipboard. If you click in the bottom right of the clipboard area to
expand the clipboard, you’ll open an advanced clipboard sidebar on the left that
can hold multiple clippings at once (see Figure 1.8). When you copy or cut a
piece of text, your cuttings are added to this clipboard. You can click one of those
snippets to paste it into the document wherever the cursor is. (To close the
advanced clipboard, click the X in the top right corner of the clipboard sidebar.)
There are keyboard shortcuts you can use to save time when cutting and
pasting. CTRL+X will cut (the X looks like scissors), using CTRL+C will copy, and
using CTRL+V will paste. Those three keys are all together on the keyboard.
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