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Changing the appearance of your letter
Figure 1.8
Changing the appearance of your letter
It would be a boring world if all our documents looked the same, so Word gives
you a lot of control over how individual words or parts of your document are
formatted. Now that you’ve learned to select text, you should fi nd it easy to format
its appearance.
Look at the Font area on the ribbon, shown in Figure 1.9. I’ve created a document
here to show some of the different text effects that are possible.
To apply the different styles, you just select your text (as you did before you moved
it earlier) and then click the relevant button on the ribbon. If you want to make an
important word bold, for example, select that word and then click the ‘B’ icon on
the ribbon. If italic is more your style, select your text and then click the ‘I’ icon.
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