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Clearing formatting and undoing mistakes
Most designers are agreed that there’s nothing funny about the Comic Sans
font. It was originally designed to be used in comic strip speech bubbles, but
it can now be seen on all kinds of products and publications. There’s even a
website that campaigns to stop its inappropriate use (at www.bancomicsans.
com) . If you want your documents to have an air of professionalism, avoid
Comic Sans.
Clearing formatting and undoing mistakes
If you make a mess of the formatting, you can always use the Eraser icon in the top
right of the Font section, which will remove the formatting but leave your text intact.
There is also an Undo function, which you will learn to love. After you have done
something you’re not happy with – or Word has automatically done something for
you – you can use the Undo function to reverse that action. The Undo button
looks like an anticlockwise arrow and is at the top left of the screen, as shown on
Figure 1.1 (Offi ce 2010) and Figure 1.2 (Offi ce 2007). There is also a keyboard
shortcut, which is CTRL+Z. Word will remember a sequence of actions, so you
can repeatedly undo to go back a number of steps. If you go a step too far, there
is a Redo function, a clockwise arrow beside the Undo button, which will redo
something you’ve undone – or undo the undo, if you like! This doesn’t just work
for formatting; if you manage to delete all your text off screen (surprisingly easy to
do), Undo simply conjures it up again. Phew! That’s a relief. You can start
breathing again now.
Now you know that you can fi x anything that goes wrong, feel free to
experiment. Explore all the different ways you can jazz up your document, if only
to get it out of your system.
Adding your address to your letter
Now you’ve mastered the formatting controls, it should be a doddle to add your
address in the top-right corner of your letter. Move your cursor to the top of your
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