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Clearing formatting and undoing mistakes
letter and start to type your address above your greeting. If you press Enter when
you get to the end of each line, Word will think you’ve fi nished a paragraph and
will add a gap between each line of your address. That makes the address look too
spaced out. (Why not give it a go and see?) The solution is to use what is called a
‘soft return’. This is a special way of telling Word you’ve fi nished a line, so it
doesn’t think you’ve fi nished the whole paragraph. To create a soft return, hold
down the Shift key when you press Enter.
Don’t start using the space bar to shunt the address to the right of the page. There’s
a much more elegant solution. On the ribbon, you’ll fi nd a collection of controls
you can use to change the way a paragraph appears on the page. Figure 1.10
shows these, together with an explanation of what each of them does.
Numbered list
Decrease indent
Bulleted list
Increase indent
Left alignment
Line spacing
Right alignment
Figure 1.10
To move your address to the right of the page, you just select it (remember you can
just click it three times) and then click the right alignment button on the ribbon.
You can select more than one paragraph at a time and apply paragraph formatting
options to all of them, so you could right–align your address and the date in one go.
You might want to spend some time playing with the other formatting options, just
to see what they do. The options are:
Bulleted list: this moves the paragraph in from the left and puts a bullet in
the space created at the start of the paragraph to draw attention to it. It’s best
applied to a group of paragraphs together, like this bulleted list of paragraph
formatting options.
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