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Checking your spelling
Spelling & Grammar button
Check grammar
Figure 1.11
A new window will open. In the top box, it will show you an excerpt from your
text, with a questionable section shown in red (for spelling alerts) or green (for
grammar queries). In the second box, it will show you Word’s suggestions for how
to fi x the error. Your options for spelling are:
Ignore Once: click this button if you’re satisfi ed you’re right and Word is
wrong but you want it to tell you if it spots something similar later on. Use this
if you could easily slip and make an error that looks like this, even though it’s
correct this time. If you were writing a story about Shep the dog rounding up
sheep, you’d probably Ignore Once when it fl agged up the dog’s name, so you
could check you haven’t mis-spelled ‘sheep’ anywhere.
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