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Printing your letter
dictionary and to translate your letter into a number of languages. (The translation
is provided in your web browser, so you’ll need to select it, copy it and paste it
back into Word.) Computer translations are a bit ropey but this can still be a useful
tool if your correspondent doesn’t have a full command of English. I’d send them
the English version too, though. To use the dictionary or translation service, select
it in the pulldown menu at the top of the Research sidebar.
Turn on/off squiggles
Figure 1.12
Printing your letter
Once you’re happy with your letter, it’s time to print it out. The way this works is
slightly different in Offi ce 2010 and Offi ce 2007.
In Offi ce 2010, you click the File tab and then click Print. On the right is a
preview of your document, to allow you to see what it will look like on the printed
page. On the left, all your options are laid out, as shown in Figure 1.13.
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