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Finishing your Word session
Figure 1.14
When you’re happy, click OK, and your letter will print. Now, only one question
remains: is there time to catch the post?
Finishing your Word session
When you’ve fi nished with Word for the day, click the Close icon in the top right of
its window (shown on Figures 1.1 and 1.2). If you haven’t saved your work before
quitting, Word will try to save you from yourself by reminding you. Think carefully
before deciding whether to save the fi le. You may not want to save it because you
haven’t made any signifi cant changes to it, or because by saving it you would be
overwriting a good version of the fi le with one you’d rather discard.
To close your fi le without closing Word, click the File tab (Offi ce 2010) or Offi ce
button (Offi ce 2007) and then click Close.
If you want to edit your fi le again later, you can double-click on the fi lename or
icon in Windows and the computer will start Word and open that fi le for editing.
You can also open Word as you did at the start of this project, and then click the
File tab or Offi ce button, choose Open, and then fi nd the right fi le.
When the fi le fi rst opens, you might see it in a special preview mode that enables
you to quickly read through it. To get out of that, click the Close button at the top
right of the screen.
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