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What else can you do?
Word makes it easy to fi nd recent documents. In Offi ce 2010, there is a Recent
option when you go backstage. In Offi ce 2007, recent documents are listed when
you click the Offi ce button. In either case, click the name of a recent fi le and it
will load so you can work on it.
What else can you do?
Congratulations on fi nishing your fi rst project with Word! Here are some of the
other ways you can use your new skills:
Write formal correspondence. In this chapter we’ve covered informal letters,
but you can also use Word to manage your letters to the bank or doctor, for
example. You can print two copies of the same letter, one for the bank/doctor
and one for your records. You can edit the letter to create modifi ed versions.
You can use the same letter, with a new date and some alterations to the
details, for regular prescription requests. The possibilities are endless.
Create and print your CV, and make sure there are no typos in it!
Write a diary. You can use Word to record your daily life for future generations
or just for your own interest. If you’re worried about people prying, see Chapter
5 for advice on encrypting your fi le.
Write concrete poetry, where the layout and fonts help to convey the meaning.
Or keep it simple and write straight poetry or song lyrics.
Write a book. Although we’ve only created a short letter here, Word can
handle long and complex documents. You can even get your book published
by uploading a Word document to sites like .
Print out some words in light grey text, so that younger family members can
practise writing by tracing the words.
Print your French homework double-spaced, so that you can write the
translation in the gaps. (Use the paragraph formatting options to change the
spacing between lines in a paragraph.)
Type out your recipes to stick on the kitchen wall. You could even laminate
them at your local printshop, to make them splash-proof.
Create a checklist of everything you usually take on holiday. Every time you
have to pack, you can print it out and cross things off as they go into the case.
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