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Your fi rst project has taken you from typing your fi rst word to producing a
complete letter. How much did you remember? Try this quiz to fi nd out. There might
be more than one right answer.
1. To prevent your work being lost
because of a power cut, you should:
3. If you press the Del key, Word will:
(a) Delete the character to the left of the
(a) Save your fi le when you start
(b) Delete the character to the right of the
(b) Use CTRL+S or the disk icon to keep
it updated
(c) Delete whatever text is selected
(c) Close your eyes and wish really hard
(d) Start a new letter to your friend Derek
(d) Pay your electricity bill
4. If you click three times:
2. To correct a spelling error a few
words back, you can:
(a) Word will select the word
(a) Use the mouse to reposition your
cursor and then fi x it
(b) Word will select the sentence
(c) Word will select the paragraph
(b) See whether Word has fi xed it
(d) You’ll be transported back to your bed
in a Kansas farmhouse
(c) Use the cursor keys to move the
cursor and then fi x it
5. To make your letter easy to read, it’s
a good idea to:
(d) Pick it up at the end using the
spelling checker
(a) Write it all in capitals
(b) Use fonts that look like handwriting
(c) Use a point size of 6-8
(d) Pick a couple of easy-to-read fonts
and use them consistently
– a, b and d Q1
Q2 – a, b, c and d
– b and c Q3
Q4 – c
Q5 – d
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