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Starting a new document with a template
Starting a new document with a template
To start creating your poster, you fi rst need to pick a template for it. A template is
a document that’s been designed for you, with dummy text that you can modify.
There are a limited number of templates built into Word, but you can download
many others from the Internet. Known as Offi templates, they are regularly
updated by Microsoft, which means it’s always worth checking to see what’s new.
You do need to be connected to the Internet to access them, but you don’t need
to use a web browser or email because Word does all the downloading for you in
the background.
The way to select templates is slightly different depending on whether you’re using
Offi ce 2010 or Offi ce 2007.
It’s worth exploring the templates to see what’s there, particularly as templates
designed for one purpose often work really well for another. There are good
candidates for posters in the categories of Announcements (for graduation and new
baby parties), Flyers (for events) and Invitations (also for events). At the time of
writing, the Posters category was a red herring, offering little more than a few dull
posters for real estate and technology companies. Don’t they realise Word is
mostly about fun stuff?
In this project, I’ll assume you’re creating an A4 poster. Word will let you design
documents bigger than that, but few people have printers that can print them. You
can get larger pages printed at specialist copy shops, however, or you could print
on A4 and then enlarge it to A3 using a photocopier (which will result in a drop
in quality).
Some templates, such as the invitations, are designed to be printed onto
cards smaller than A4. Unfortunately, there isn’t a defi nitive way of telling
how big a template is before you download it. The template name often gives
a hint about whether it’s designed for paper of non-standard size. The easiest
way to test it is to download it and then print it to see whether it looks okay,
before you start editing. You don’t have to pay for the templates, so why not
give it a go?
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