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Changing the text in your template
Changing the text in your template
I’m sure you’re way ahead of me on this already, but the fi rst thing you should do
after downloading your template is to save your document so you can quickly
save your edits without interrupting your concentration as you work on it. I know.
I’m nagging. But you’ll thank me for it one day.
So, now you’ve found a great template for a holiday party but you don’t want to
promote a generic party in some US town you’ve never heard of. You want to get
people to come to your Christmas celebration! How do you edit the template?
If you’ve mastered the art of selecting and editing text (see Chapter 1), this will be
easy. All you need to do is edit the dummy text and replace it with your own text.
You can move your cursor around the dummy text, delete it and replace it with
your own words.
The trick is to do this without losing the formatting. The best way to do that is to
select text using the mouse or keyboard and then type what you’d like to replace
it with. What you type will overwrite the old text, but Word will keep the old
In my template, shown in Figure 2.4, the text uses a number of different text styles
so I need to edit it in small chunks to make sure that the formatting of each one is
preserved. In my template, I edited the text at the top, the red event title, the date
and time, and the location and RSVP details, each of them separately.
When you click on your text, you might see a dotted box pop up around it, as
shown in Figure 2.4. This is a text box used for laying out the page, and you can
ignore it for now – you’ll learn more about text boxes in Chapter 3.
The template is only a starting point for your own poster – you don’t have to have
the same amount of text. You can add more lines if you need to, or delete sections.
Don’t forget that you can start a new line without having a paragraph break (which
might include a large gap) by using Shift+Enter.
You can also change the formatting as much as you like. Experiment with fonts,
colours and text styles until it is exactly what you need.
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