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Inserting pictures in your poster
To add your picture, fi rst make sure the picture you want to use is on your
computer. Then:
1. Move your cursor to where you would like your picture to appear in
your poster.
2. Click the Insert tab on the ribbon to move the Insert ribbon to the front.
3. Click Picture on the Insert ribbon.
4. Use the fi le browser to select your picture, click it and then click the Insert
button. It doesn’t matter whether your picture is a photo, a scanned cartoon
or something you made using the free Paint application in Windows.
Ta-da! Your picture should now appear in your poster. It will probably be in the
wrong place and might be a bit too big, so there are a number of controls you can
use to tailor it. Click on your picture, and you should notice some squares and
circles appear around it. You can see these on my picture of mince pies in Figure
2.5. These are controls for manipulating the image:
To stretch or squash your picture, click on the square box on one side and pull
it in the direction you’d like it to go. The mouse pointer turns into a pointer
with two arrows on it. If you want to make your picture wider, for example,
click on the box halfway up its right-hand side, hold the mouse button
down and move the mouse to the right. You will see your picture stretch in
that direction. When you let go of the mouse button, your picture will stay
that size.
If you want to make your picture bigger or smaller without squashing or
stretching it, click the round circle in one of the corners, hold down the mouse
button and move the mouse. If you move it towards the middle of the picture,
the picture will become smaller. If you move it away from the middle of the
picture, it will become larger. The width and height will move at the same
time, so the picture is always in proportion.
If you want to rotate your picture, click the green circle above it, hold down
the mouse button, and then move your mouse around the picture. Your picture
will rotate about its centre as you move your mouse. You can put your picture
at a jaunty angle, prop it on its side, or even fl ip it upside down.
To move your picture, click in the middle of it so that your mouse pointer
turns into four compass points, hold down the mouse button, and move the
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