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Inserting clip art in your poster
mouse around your poster. A dotted cursor shows where the picture will be
inserted as you move, but the picture won’t go anywhere until you release the
mouse button.
Feel free to experiment with this. If you make a mistake, you can always use
the Undo button in the top left to reverse it.
Sometimes it’s tricky getting pictures to work with templates because other parts
of the template get in the way. You can delete pictures that are already in the
template by clicking on them and pressing the Delete or Backspace key. When you
right-click on a picture, the menu that opens may give you the option to replace
that picture with one of your own choice, too.
If your picture is only partly visible, it might be inside a text box that isn’t big
enough for it. If so, you can stretch that box the same way you adjust the size of
your picture. Figure 2.4 shows the dotted guidelines of a textbox; as you can see,
it has the same controls as those used for resizing pictures in Figure 2.5.
Sometimes your picture might be hidden by another one that is in front of it. If you
insert a picture and all you see is a dotted box where it should be, immediately
click the Picture Tools Format tab to bring that ribbon to the front, click Wrap Text
(Word 2010) or Text Wrapping (Word 2007) and then choose ‘In front of text’.
If you want to shunt your picture to the right, move it to the left or fl oat it in the
middle, you can use the same controls you used for formatting paragraphs in
Chapter 1. Click the Home tab, click your picture and then click the icon for left,
right or centre alignment (shown in Figure 1.10 in Chapter 1).
Inserting clip art in your poster
If all your photos are of people with their heads cut off and your drawings look
like the cat drew them, clip art can rescue your design. Microsoft provides a
library of illustrations and photographs that you can embed into your documents
directly from Word. Known as clip art, this has been created by professional
illustrators and photographers.
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