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Inserting clip art in your poster
It can be bit of a mixed blessing; although clip art is designed to give your
document a professional sheen, it can end up making it look amateurish.
For best results, use clip art sparingly. If you’re using multiple pieces, try to pick
images that look as if they were made by the same illustrator and belong to the
same set, so that your design feels consistent. You can enlarge the pictures, so
consider using a single striking image instead of lots of tiny ones.
Offi ce has some clip art included in the software but Microsoft provides access to
a much larger collection on the Internet, so make sure you’re connected before
you start.
Searching for clip art isn’t the same thing as searching the Internet for images
using Google. All the images in the online clip art gallery are approved for
you to use in your document for free. Images on the Internet are usually
copyright-controlled by whoever created or published them, and you can’t
legally use them without permission.
To begin, click the Insert tab on the ribbon (if necessary) and then click Clip Art.
A sidebar opens, as shown in Figure 2.6.
The Clip Art sidebar works slightly differently in Offi ce 2010 (shown in Figure 2.6)
and Offi ce 2007. The differences are so slight I don’t know why they bothered to
make them. Just to keep us on our toes, I guess.
Whichever version you are using, type your keyword into the Search box. If you’re
too specifi c you won’t get many results, so try to think of themes (such as
Christmas) rather than specifi c items (such as Christmas tree). If you are using Offi ce
2010, tick the box to include Offi content. If you’re using Offi ce 2007,
make sure the pulldown menu is set to search in all collections. Then click the Go
button, and you’ll be shown small versions (thumbnails) of the available pictures.
Word downloads these from the Internet so it will take a moment or two, or longer
if you have a slow Internet connection.
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