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Inserting clip art in your poster
Figure 2.6
You can browse through the clip art by using the scrollbar on the right of it to see
more results. When you fi nd something you like, click it. It will take a moment
because the computer then downloads the full size picture from the Internet, which
can be a large fi le. Once it’s downloaded, it will be inserted into your poster.
You can manipulate clip art images in just the same way as other images; many
clip art images are designed to look good in a variety of different sizes.
You might occasionally see video and audio results come up in the Clip Art sidebar.
You can safely ignore these, or experiment with using them. If you don’t want to see
them, click on the pulldown menu that says ‘All media fi le types’ (see Figure 2.6)
and change the options so you only see photos and illustrations. This is also the
menu to go to if you want to refi ne your search to photos only or illustrations only.
To close the Clip Art sidebar, click the X in its top right corner.
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