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Printing your poster
Printing your poster
Congratulations! You’ve fi nished your poster. To print it out, use the same
technique you used to print your letter in Chapter 1. If you want to send your poster to
other people so they can print it out and display it in their communities too, see
Chapter 9 for tips on sharing your creations by email.
Why not print on coloured paper? As long as there’s enough contrast between
your text colour and the background, using coloured paper can give you an
eye-catching background without draining your printer’s colour cartridge.
What else can you do?
There are many more templates in Word that you can customise for your own
needs. In fact, just browsing the template fi les is inspiring because it gives you so
many new ideas for how to use Word. Here are some of my favourites:
If you have children visiting, Word includes templates for paper dolls (in
the paper folding projects folder) and colouring books (under coloring and
activity pages). You can customise these with your own text and then print
them out for the youngsters to colour, cut and glue together.
If you’re learning a language, Word also includes templates for fl ash cards that
you can customise and print to help you learn your vocabulary.
If you’re throwing a party, you can use Word’s banner templates to print signs
that say ‘Celebrate!’ or ‘Best wishes!’ across several sheets of A4. There are
templates for place cards and menus if you’re having a formal dinner, too.
You can use a Word template to make a calendar for the whole year, or even
just to create a time planner for one month to go on your wall (remember you
can print just one page from a document if you want to).
You can also use a template to create gift certifi cates. You could give friends
presents like an evening’s babysitting by making a voucher to slip inside their
card. You can even make your own cards.
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