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Create and print your own bookmark including inspiring quotations or your
favourite book covers.
Save on expensive printing bills by creating your own business cards.
With all these templates and plenty more besides, perhaps the only paper you’ll
need to buy in future will be blank!
Templates are pre-prepared document designs.
You can adapt templates designed for other purposes (such as fl
yers) to use for your poster.
To replace the text in a template, you select it and then type what
you would like to replace it with.
To preserve the formatting in a template, make sure all the text you
have selected has the same formatting before you type over it.
You can have more or less text than the template, and can replace
or delete the template’s images.
You can change the formatting and fonts too.
The Insert ribbon enables you to insert images.
The clip art provides a library of pre-prepared illustrations and
photos you can use in your poster.
You can use the controls around the picture to adjust its width and
height, and its angle on the page.
Although there are templates and clip art
built into Microsoft Offi ce, there is much
more available if you’re connected to the
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