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Now you’ve fi nished your second project you’re probably already plastering
posters all over the town, but take a few minutes to revise your new skills with this
quiz. There might be more than one right answer.
1. To fi nd a template for a poster, it’s
best to check:
4. Clip art is:
(a) An installation at the Tate Modern art
gallery created with paper clips
(a) the posters templates
(b) Art stolen from other people’s
(b) the fl yers templates
(c) the invitation templates
(c) A gallery of photos and illustrations
you can use in your documents
(d) all the templates
(d) Expensive
2. You can customise a poster by
5. The best way to use clip art is to:
(a) the text alignment
(a) Use as many different styles as
possible. Equal opportunities for
(b) the words in the poster
(c) the pictures in the poster
(d) the text colours
(b) Splash it all over the place – you can
never have enough clip art
3. To add a picture fi le, you need to
go to:
(c) Use a few good images that work
well together
(d) Only use the clip art installed on
your hard drive
(a) the Home ribbon
(b) the backstage area or Offi ce button
(c) the Insert ribbon
(d) the Picture ribbon
– d Q1
Q2 – All of them, and more!
– c Q3
Q4 – c
– c Q5
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