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Planning your newsletter
interested in what’s new, what’s happening and how much money it will save
them. If you can get a sense of one of those elements at the very start of your story,
you’re sure to reel the reader in.
If you want readers to act on the information you’ve given them, for example, by
booking their place on a trip to the seaside or coming to the next committee
meeting, end the story by giving them instructions for what you want them to do.
Marketing types know this as a ‘call to action’. You might say something like: ‘Put the
25th in your diary now, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the meeting’! or
‘Hurry to the hut to buy your onion sets this Sunday’!
Pictures are usually the fi rst thing that people look at when they pick up a printed
page, so make sure yours are strong. In Chapter 2 you learned how to use clip art,
and that will have its place here too. But your newsletter will have more impact
and feel more personal if you can include your own photos or illustrations. Set
some time aside to research or gather relevant pictures before you start to lay your
newsletter out.
It’s a good idea to keep a stock of tiny stories you can use to plug any gaps that
come up. You might have 30 words about the next committee meeting time and
date, or even a pool of relevant quotes or jokes you can insert where there’s space.
Think about how you are going to distribute your newsletter before using
lots of colour or including too many photos. Black and white clip art might
be best if you’re going to photocopy it for distribution. If you’re printing in
bulk at home, using too many photos will use up your ink cartridges in
no time.
Once you’ve gathered all your content, you need to think about which order the
stories should appear in. This will involve a certain amount of juggling with the
design. It works best if you can avoid leaving gaps on the page or having stories
spilling from one page to the next. You’ll need to experiment (and probably edit
the stories a bit) during the design process to fi nd a comfortable place for
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