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Figure 3.1
There are also a couple of special effects in the Page Layout tab of the ribbon,
which you might like to use:
Page Color: if you plan to email your fi nished newsletter (see Chapter 9),
you can use this feature to change the colour of the page to something
other than white. Subtle tints can work quite well and give your newsletter
a lot of personality. Make sure there’s a good level of contrast between your
background and foreground colours, however, so people can still read it
easily. You could also use this feature to preview what your newsletter might
look like if it’s printed on coloured paper.
Watermark: click this and then select Custom watermark. This enables you
to add a ghost of an image in the background of your newsletter. This can
look great if you add your organisation’s logo, for example, but I wouldn’t
recommend it if you’re planning to print your newsletter (or if your readers
might print their emailed copy). It can make it harder to read, and can
consume a lot of ink without adding much editorial value. Avoid the text
watermarks – they look tacky, although you’ve got to love the fact that one
of the default watermarks is ‘TOP SECRET’. Perhaps my next book should be
Microsoft Offi ce for the Secret Service
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