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Creating a title for your newsletter
Creating a title for your newsletter
Type the title of your newsletter, and style it in the way you’d like it to appear. I’ve
used the font Arial Black at a size of 36 pt (see Figure 3.1), and have applied some
of the text effects for shadows that are available in Word 2010. Figure 3.1 shows
my title.
If you feel ready to experiment, you can create some impressive 3D effects in both
Word 2010 and Word 2007 using WordArt. Go to the Insert ribbon and click
WordArt in the Text group on the ribbon. You can then choose the style you want.
In Word 2007, you’ll be prompted to enter your text. In Word 2010, some dummy
text will be added, which you can edit. In both cases, you can change the style of
the text by clicking it and then clicking the WordArt Tools ribbon. If you’re
creating a newsletter on behalf of an organisation, you will probably want to put its
logo at the top of the front page. If not, it’s still a nice idea to include a
representative image on the cover. If you don’t have a picture ready, you might fi nd
something you can use in the clip art.
Try searching the clip art for ‘smiley’. You’ll fi nd lots of yellow smiley faces
doing things like reading books, eating popcorn, playing poker, listening to
music, taking photos, communing with birds, and hugging trees (really).
There’s a good chance you’ll catch one doing something that matches your
newsletter topic.
Insert your image and resize it (using the skills you learned in Chapter 2) so that it
looks right beside your title text. It can afford to be a bit bigger than your title, but
you should try to line it up so that the middle of the image is roughly in line with
the middle of your title text.
Adding your fi rst story
Ready, newshound? Now it’s time to add your front page splash to the newsletter!
When doing complex layouts, I fi nd it simplest to keep my text in a different Word
document, and copy it into the newsletter document as and when I’m ready to lay
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