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Creating a title for your newsletter
it out. Otherwise, text I don’t yet need ends up getting in the way. In this chapter,
I’ll assume that you’re doing the same. So, throughout this chapter, you’ll be
copying text from one fi le and pasting it in another. For a refresher on using cut and
paste, see Chapter 1. To switch between the different open fi les, use the Windows
taskbar at the bottom of the screen. If your screen is wide enough, you could
resize your windows so that you can see both Word documents side by side,
which makes things a lot easier.
At this stage, you should have your newsletter text (or your dummy text
representing a few stories of the right length) in one fi le. You should have created a new
blank fi le for your newsletter layout (and saved it fi rst thing!), and set the paper
size correctly. And you should have inserted and formatted the title of your
newsletter, perhaps together with a logo or image.
If you hold down the Alt key and press the Tab key (see Figure 0.1 in the
Introduction), a box opens on screen showing you all the fi les you have
open. Keep Alt held down, and press the Tab key until the fi lename you want
is shown. When you release the Alt key, you’ll be switched to that fi le. If
you’ve only got two or three fi les open, this can be much quicker than using
the mouse. If you’ve got lots of fi les open, consider closing any you don’t
need right now so that this shortcut is easier to use.
In the document that has your stories in it, select your fi rst story, and copy it
(CTRL+C). It will go onto the clipboard. Your text remains selected, though, so I
suggest you use the highlighter tool in the Fonts section of the Home ribbon (see
Figure 3.2) to paint your text background grey. This makes it easy to see at a glance
which stories you’ve already copied across to your newsletter. It prevents you
from inserting the same story twice or missing any stories, and it also makes it easy
to skim the document to see what’s left when you’ve got a gap in your newsletter
to fi ll.
Now your story is on the clipboard, go back to your newsletter, and use CTRL+V
to paste the story in.
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