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Getting a sense of style
You can close both the Word 2010 navigation pane and the Word 2007 document
map by clicking the X in the top right corner of them. It doesn’t hurt to keep them
on screen, but it can make your work area feel a bit narrow.
Try searching for text in your document. If you can remember a distinctive
phrase near where you want to edit, it’s a great way to move the cursor there
There is also an option that allows you to fi nd a word and replace it with another
word. This might come in handy if a new chairman is elected, for example, and
you need to change their name throughout the whole document. Click Replace
on the right of the Home ribbon, and enter the word you want to fi nd and the
word you want to replace it with. Click Find Next, check the change makes sense
and click Replace to make the change. There is also an option to Replace All,
which allows you to replace every instance of a word without looking at them one
at a time. Take care with this. One of my friends was writing a book and wanted
to change the slang ‘cos’ to ‘because’. After she had ‘replaced all’, she discovered
the actors in the story were wearing ‘becausetumes’!
Using themes to change the colours
Now this is where the magic starts! Click the Page Layout tab on the ribbon. On
the left of the ribbon, you will then see a section titled Themes. When you click
this, a menu opens with a selection of themes, including the pink Opulent, the
brick-coloured Civic and the aquatic Flow (see Figure 3.5).
As you move your mouse over these themes, you’ll see a preview of them applied
to your document, similar to when you were browsing styles earlier. When you
fi nd a theme you want to use, just click on it.
You can radically change the look of your newsletter, simply by changing its
theme. That’s because a theme is a collection of styles for all your text and
headings so, when you pick a theme, it immediately changes all the styles throughout
the whole newsletter. At the same time, it preserves consistency so you don’t have
a mess of confl icting styles.
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