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Area Charts to Highlight One Portion of the Line
Area Charts to Highlight One Portion of the Line
An area chart is a line chart where the area under the line is filled with a shading or color.
This can be appropriate if you want to highlight a particular portion of the time series. If
you have fewer data points, adding drop lines can help the reader determine the actual value
for each time period.
High-Low-Close Charts for Stock Market Data
If you are plotting stock market data, use stock charts to show the trend of stock data over
time. You can also use high-low-close charts to show the trend of data that might occur in a
range such as when you need to track a range of quality rankings for each day.
Bar Charts for Series with Long Category Labels
Even though bar charts can be used to show time trends, they can be confusing because
readers expect time to be represented from left to right. In rare cases, you might use a
bar chart to show a time trend. For example, if you have 40 or 50 points that have long
category labels that you need to print legibly to show detail for each point, then consider
using a bar chart. Another example is illustrated in Figure 3.3, which includes sales for 45
daily dates. This bar chart would not work as a PowerPoint slide. However, if it is printed
as a full page on letter-size paper, the reader could analyze sales by weekday. In the chart
in Figure 3.3, weekend days are plotted in a different color than weekdays to help delineate
the weekly periods.
Figure 3.3
Although time series
typically should run across
the horizontal axis, this
chart allows 45 points to
be compared easily.
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