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Plotting Data by Numeric Year
Figure 3.15
Excel does not recognize
years as dates.
at a constant rate. This inaccurate statement would cause Mr. Kessel, my eighth-grade
geography teacher, to give me an F for this topic.
Figure 3.16
Dates from before 1900
are not valid Excel dates.
A date-based axis is not
possible in this case.
As mentioned previously, formatting the chart to have a date-based axis will not work
because Excel does not recognize dates before 1900 as valid dates. Possible workarounds are
discussed in the next two subsections.
Using Date-Based Axis with Dates Before 1900 Spanning Less Than 100 Years
In Figure 3.17, the dates in Column A are text dates from the 1800s. Excel cannot
automatically deal with dates from the 1800s, but it can deal with dates from the 1900s.
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