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Plotting Data by Numeric Year
Figure 3.18
This chart appears to
show a date-based axis
that spans 200+ years.
5. Insert a new Column E to hold the data for the second series. This series contains just
two nonzero points: one at 1800 and one at 1900. Enter the heading Divide Line in
cell E3.
6. Look through the dates in Column A. Insert a new row before the first date in the
1800s. In this new row, enter 01/01/1800 in Column A. Copy the formulas in Columns
B and C. In Column D, copy the point from the row above. In Column E, enter the
value 50 . This draws a single vertical bar from the horizontal axis up to a height of 50.
7. Repeat step 6 to add a new data point for January 1, 1900, and January 1, 2000.
8. Select C4:E55.
9. From the Insert tab, select Charts, Line, Line.
10. On the Layout tab, select Legend, None.
11. Right-click the numbers along the vertical axis and then select Format Axis. Change
the Maximum option button to Fixed and enter the value 50 . This changes the vertical
axis to show from 0 to 50.
12. On the Layout tab, use the Current Selection drop-down to select Series. Note that
there are now only two data points selected in the chart.
13. On the Design tab, select Change Chart Type. Select the first icon in the column
section—for a clustered column chart. This draws narrow columns—actually lines—at
1800 and 1900 on the chart. Note that the chart type change affects only the second
series because you selected the Divide Line series in step 12.
14. Click the labels along the horizontal axis. These labels show wrong dates such as
1/23/02. On the Home tab, from the Font Color drop-down select a white font. This
causes the axis labels to disappear.
15. On the Insert tab, click the Text Box icon. On the chart, draw a text box from the 1800
line to the 1900 line, just below the horizontal axis. The mouse pointer changes into a
crosshairs as you draw. Make sure the vertical line in the crosshairs corresponds to the
vertical dividing lines. After you create the text box, a flashing cursor appears inside the
text box.
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