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Using a Long, Meaningful Title to Explain Your Point
When you click a chart title to select it, a bounding box with four resizing handles appears. Actually,
they are not resizing handles even though they look like it, which means that you do not have explicit
control to resize the title. It feels like you should be able to stretch the title horizontally or vertically, as
if it was a text box, but you cannot. The only real control you have to make a text box taller is by
inserting carriage returns in the title. Keep in mind that you can insert carriage returns only when you are in
Text Edit mode.
box to also put the title in Text Edit mode. Note that the dashed line in the bounding box
indicates the title is in Text Edit mode. Using Text Edit mode, you can select specific
characters in the title and then move the mouse pointer up and to the right to access the mini
toolbar and the available formatting commands. You can edit specific characters within the
title to create a larger title and a smaller subtitle, as shown in Figure 3.23.
Figure 3.23
By selecting characters
in Text Edit mode, you
can create a title/subtitle
You cannot move the title when you are in Text Edit mode. To exit Text Edit mode,
rightclick the title and select Exit Edit Text or simply left-click the bounding box around the
title. When the bounding box is solid, you can click anywhere on the border except the
resizing handles and drag to reposition the title.
Deleting the Title and Using a Text Box
If you are frustrated that the title cannot be resized, you can delete the title and use a text
box for the title instead. The title in Figure 3.24 is actually a text box. Note the eight
resizing handles on the text box instead of the four resizing handles that appear around a title.
Thanks to all these resizing handles, you can actually stretch the bounding box horizontally
or vertically.
To create the text box shown in Figure 3.24, follow these steps:
1. From the Layout tab, delete the original title by choosing Chart Title, None. Excel
resizes the plot area to fill the space that the title formerly occupied.
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