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Highlighting One Column
Figure 3.25
Using a text box instead
of a title allows more
formatting options.
Figure 3.26
The column for Friday is
highlighted in a
contrasting color and it is also
identified in the title.
1. Create a column chart by selecting Column, Clustered Column from the Insert tab.
2. Click any of the columns to select the entire series.
3. On the Format tab, select Shape Fill, White. At this point, the columns are invisible.
Invisible bars are great for creating waterfall charts, which is discussed in Chapter 4,
“Creating Charts That Show Differences.” However, in this case, you want to outline
the bars.
4. From the Format tab, select Shape Outline, Black. Select Shape Outline, Weight, 1
point. All your columns are now white with black outline.
5. Click the Friday column in the chart. The first click on the series selects the whole
series. A second click selects just one data point. If all the columns have handles, click
Friday again.
If you accidentally click outside the series, you might inadvertently deselect the series. Click back on the
series to re-select it.
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