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Replacing Columns with Arrows
Figure 3.27
Arrows can be used to
emphasize the upward
growth of sales.
Figure 3.28
Highlight the road
construction months in the
chart to emphasize the
title further.
extend the series to include the three values in Column C. Initially, this line shows up
as a red line on top of a portion of the existing blue line.
3. On the Layout tab, use the Current Selection drop-down to select Series 2, which is
the series you just added.
4. While Series 2 is selected, select Design, Change Chart Type. Select the first area chart
thumbnail. Click OK. Excel draws a red area chart beneath the line segment of June
through August.
5. On the Format tab, use the Current Selection drop-down to reselect Series 2. Open
the Shape Fill drop down. Choose a grey fill color. The 4th row, 1st column offers a
tooltip f White, Background 1, Darker 25% and is suitable.
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