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Changing Line Type Midstream
The top chart in Figure 3.29 shows the gray highlight extending from the horizontal axis
up to the data line for the two line segments. Alternatively, you can replace the numbers in
Column C with 70,000 to draw a gray rectangle behind the months, as shown in the
bottom chart in Figure 3.29.
Figure 3.29
A second series with only
three points is used to
highlight a section of the
Changing Line Type Midstream
Consider the top chart in Figure 3.30. The title indicates that cash balances improved after
a new management team arrived. This chart initially seems to indicate an impressive
turnaround. However, if you study the chart axis carefully, you see that the final Q3 and Q4
numbers are labeled Q3F and Q4F to indicate that they are forecast numbers.
It is misleading to represent forecast numbers as part of the actual results line. It would be
ideal if you change the line type at that point to indicate that the last two data points are
forecasts. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Change the heading above Column B from Cash Balances to Actual.
2. Add the new heading Forecast in Column C.
3. Because the last actual data point is for Q2 of 2011, move the numbers for Q3 and Q4
of 2011 from Column B to Column C.
4. To force Excel to connect the actual and the forecast line, copy the last actual data
point (the 7 for Q2) over to the Forecast column. This one data point—the connecting
point for the two lines—will be in both the Forecast and Actual columns.
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