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Changing Line Type Midstream
Figure 3.30
It is not clear in the top
chart that the last two
points are forecasts.
5. Change the last two labels in Column A from Q3F to just Q3 and from Q4F to just
6. Click the existing chart. A bounding box appears around B2:B9. Grab the lower-right
blue handle and drag outward to encompass B2:C9. A second series is added to the
chart as a red line.
7. On the Layout tab, select Legend, Legend at Right.
8. Click the red line. In the Format tab, you should see that the Current Selection
dropdown indicates Series “Forecast.”
9. Select Format, Shape Outline, Dashes and then select the fourth dash option. The red
line changes to a dashed line.
10. While the forecast series is selected, select Design, Change Chart Type. Select a chart
type that does not have markers.
11. The chart title indicates that a new management team arrived, but it does not indicate
when the team arrived. To fix this, change the title to indicate that the team arrived in
Q3 of 2010.
12. On the Insert tab, select Shapes, Line. Draw a vertical line between Q2 and Q3 of
2010, holding down the Shift key while drawing to keep the line vertical.
13. While the line is selected, on the Format tab, select Shape Outline, Dashes and then
select the fourth dash option to make the vertical line a dashed line. Note that this line
is less prominent than the series line because the weight of the line is only 1.25 point.
The final chart is shown at the bottom of Figure 3.30.
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