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Understanding the Shortcomings of Stacked Column Charts
Figure 3.33
In the top chart, readers
are not able to draw
conclusions about the
growth of the three
regions located at the top
of the chart.
Figure 3.34
Current-year sales are
shown as a stacked
column chart, with last
year’s sales as a dotted
2. Select cells A1:D13 and create a stacked column chart. Initially, Excel stacks prior-year
sales on top of the other sales, and you have a chart that is not remotely close to the
expected outcome.
3. Click the top bar to select the third series. Select Design, Change Chart Type, Line
Chart. An important distinction here is that the first two series are plotted as stacked
charts. The third series is plotted as a regular line, not as a stacked line.
4. Use the Format tab to format the third series as a dotted line. Format the colors of the
first two series as shown in Figure 3.34.
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