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Shortcomings of Showing Many Trends on a Single Chart
Shortcomings of Showing Many Trends on a Single Chart
Instead of using a stacked column chart, you might try to show many trendlines on a single
line chart, which can be confusing. For example, in the top chart in Figure 3.35, the sales
trends of five companies create a very confusing chart.
Figure 3.35
Instead of using a single
chart with five
confusing lines, compare your
company to each other
competitor in smaller
If the goal is to compare the sales results of your company against those of each major
competitor, consider using four individual charts instead, as shown at the bottom of Figure 3.35.
In these charts, the reader can easily see that your company is about to overtake the
longtime industry leader MegaCo, but that quick growth from NewCo might still cause you to
stay in the second position next year.
Next Steps
In Chapter 4, you will learn about charts used to make comparisons, including pie, radar,
bar, donut, and waterfall charts.
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