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Customize the Excel Status Bar
Customize the Excel
Status Bar
You can make the status bar more useful and
easier to read by customizing it to show the
information you most want to see.
The Excel status bar offers a great deal of
useful information, such as the current cell
mode (for example, Enter or Edit), the current
zoom percentage, and the sum, average, and
count of any numeric cells you have selected.
However, the status bar may not be set up
optimally for you. For example, although the
status bar includes a Scroll Lock indicator to
tell you when Scroll Lock is on, it does not
display the Caps Lock and Num Lock
indicators by default, which are arguably more
Similarly, you might prefer to see different
numeric calculations, such as maximum and
minimum values in the selection, or you might
prefer to hide the Zoom slider if you never
use it.
You can perform all of the customizations and
more by using the Customize Status Bar menu.
1 Right-click the status bar.
Excel displays the
Customize Status Bar
A check mark indicates
that the status bar
currently displays the
The values shown in the
right side of the menu
tell you the current value
of each item.
2 Click a displayed item to
hide it.
3 Click a hidden item to
display it.
Excel removes the item
you want to hide from
the status bar.
Excel adds the item that
you want to see on the
status bar.
4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 to
continue customizing the
status bar.
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