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Minimize the Ribbon
the Ribbon
Chapter 3
You can create a simpler Excel layout that also
gives you more space to work by minimizing
the Ribbon.
The Ribbon is an innovative and useful tool,
and it is much faster to use than the old
pull-down menus once you get used to it.
However, the Ribbon is quite large, and so it
takes up a lot of precious space in the Excel
window that could otherwise be used to
display worksheet data. Also, the Ribbon
changes as you select different elements within
a worksheet, such as an image, a table, or a
chart. This is part of the usefulness of the
Ribbon, but these changes can be distracting.
To get more space to work and to simplify the
Excel interface, you can minimize the Ribbon
so that it shows just the tabs. You can still
work with the Ribbon by clicking the tabs, but
once you have selected a command or option,
Excel minimizes the Ribbon once again.
1 Click the Minimize the
Ribbon button.
Excel displays only the
Ribbon tabs.
2 To restore the Ribbon,
click the Minimize the
Ribbon button again.
Note: You can toggle the Ribbon
between minimized and displayed
by pressing Ctrl+F1 or by
right-clicking the Ribbon and then
clicking Minimize the Ribbon.
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