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Paste a Formula’s Result
Paste a Formula’s
You can control the output that a copied
formula displays by pasting the formula’s result
rather than the actual formula.
After you copy a formula that uses relative cell
references, when you paste the formula, Excel
automatically adjusts the cell references. For
example, if the destination cell is one row
down from the original cell, Excel adds 1 to
the value of each row reference in the formula.
This is usually welcome behavior because it
helps you to repeat similar formulas without
having to retype them.
However, this automatic adjustment of cell
references means that you always end up with a
different formula after you paste the original.
One way to avoid this is to use absolute cell
references (see the section, “Use Absolute Cell
References in a Formula”). Alternatively, if you
are only interested in the formula result, you
can paste the copied formula as a value.
1 Select the cell containing
the formula you want to
Note: This task uses a single cell,
but the technique also works for a
range of cells.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Copy icon.
Note: You can also copy the
selected cell by pressing Ctrl+C.
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