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Paste a Formula’s Result
Chapter 4: Getting More Out of Formulas
4 Click the cell where you
want to paste the formula
5 Click the Paste
drop-down arrow.
6 Click a Paste Values
Excel pastes just the
value of the formula, not
the actual formula.
More Options!
If the copied cell has a number format
applied, or any other cell formatting,
when you paste the result using the
Paste Values command, Excel does not
copy the formatting to the destination
cell. To include the original number
format in the pasted cell, click the Paste
drop-down arrow and click Values &
Number Formatting, instead; to transfer
all of the original cell formatting, click
Values & Source Formatting.
Try This!
If you are interested in displaying a formula
result in a particular cell, you can paste just
the value of that formula, but that pasted
value will be incorrect if the inputs to the
formula change in the future. To ensure that
a particular cell always displays the current
formula result, select the destination cell,
press the equals key (=), click the original
cell, and then press Enter. This simple
formula tells Excel to always display the
value of the original cell’s formula.
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