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Show Formulas Instead of Results
Show Formulas
Instead of Results
You can more easily review and troubleshoot a
worksheet by changing its display to show the
formulas in each cell instead of those formulas’
If you want to check the formula for a
particular cell, you cannot examine the formula
just by looking at the cell because Excel
displays the result of the formula instead of the
formula. You must click the cell so that Excel
displays the formula in the Formula bar.
That is fine for a single cell, but what if you
need to check all the formulas in a particular
worksheet? You could simply click each cell
that contains a formula, but that is impractical
in a sheet with dozens of formulas, and it does
not enable you to easily compare one formula
with another to look for errors or anomalies.
Instead, you can change the worksheet view to
display the formulas in each cell rather than the
formula results.
1 Switch to the worksheet
that contains the
formulas you want to
2 Click the File tab.
3 Click Options.
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